Please complete the HardWired questionnaire using the instructions outlined below. Before you do so, we want to stress that no right or wrong answers exist for this questionnaire. The answers do not dictate whether or not one individual is predisposed to be a better leader than another.

The profiles are intended to provide us with a better understanding of ourselves and those around us. As you begin to apply your learning in the MyHardWired profile, it will become apparent why these things are important for becoming more effective leaders.

It is important that you just be honest with your answers. We suggest that you answer all three sections as swiftly as you can and view each choice as you are, not who you think we or anyone else wants you to be.

How to Purchase

1. Register to create an account

Begin by creating an account with MyHardWired. Registration is free and you are under no obligation to pay anything initially.

2. Purchase Credit or Take Survey

You can take the survey and then purchase a credit to unlock the survey, or you can purchase first. Either way, it’s super simple and quick.


  • A behavioral profiling system
  • Creates a 3-dimensional assessment
  • What you prefer
  • Your expectations of self and others
  • Instinctively what motivates you
  • Predicts your behavior when under stress
  • Instructs you on how you learn
  • Identifies how you judge trustworthiness
  • Offers identity in changing environments
  • Easy to understand
  • Short assessment time for immediate results

  • Online assessment
  • Proven instrument over thousands of profiles
  • Focuses on behavior traits
  • Provides team building algorithm for clarity in leading teams
  • Four colors say it all ? easy to interpret at a glance
MyHardWired Personal Report gives insights into what makes people tick, what motivates them, how they deal with stress, how they prefer people to talk to them and what jobs and activities they like most or find frustrating.

The perfect choice for:

  • Personal/professional development
  • Coaching
  • Team building
  • Communications
  • Interpersonal conflict resolution
  • Relationships

The report explains what you need, expect and most enjoy, based on the answers you gave to the MyHardWired Questionnaire. With that knowledge, you can meet other people’s needs and expectations much more effectively while improving communication and developing stronger relationships.