Benefits of the HardWired System

clockGet immediate feedback. As soon as you answer the last question on the MyHardWired online assessment you get immediate feedback.

groupCustomize by creating a group. Include every profiled team member involved in your work place. Learn how to compare other’s profiles to your own.

accessGet one full year of access. With your one-year membership, the MyHardWired training site is available whenever you are – 24/7

knowledgeWant to learn more? Our MyHardWired in-depth section is for those who want more information than is provided in the basic MyHardWired reports.

listenWe’ll interpret the report for you. Listen to audio interpretations of you and your teams Personal Reports, explaining what makes them tick.

communicateLearn how to understand team dynamics. Generate a team dynamic summary between you and and your co-workers, team members, friends or family members.

updateRegular MyHardWired Updates. Valuable information will be sent to you throughout the year covering issues that affect you and your colleagues.

resultsMyHardWired is cost effective. The all-inclusive MyHardWired training program delivers results and is extremely cost effective.