My HardWired™ is a revolutionary behavioral profiling system that enables you to: know yourself, understand others; make a difference.

Welcome to the MyHardWired™ Profile. More than a simple behavioral test, MyHardWired™ products are designed to illuminate understanding in the most common challenges one faces while dealing with people and in situations that might be contrary to one?s own perspective.

Our developmental programs are designed to help people capitalize on personal strengths. First and foremost, the significance of individual results is focused on one?s strong behavior and characteristics that are manifest in positive contribution and personal success. All the while, the MyHardWired™ profile also advances one?s understanding of ?blind sides? without making him or her feel as though something is broken that needs to be fixed. Becoming more aware of a blind side is no different than right-handed people learning to use their left hand when the need calls for it. It?s not about being right or wrong, it?s about learning to modify behaviors to become more effective.

People who achieve a higher degree of self-awareness say it not only opens up new opportunities, but it is quite rewarding to become more effective while just being you.

(Note: The MyHardWired™ Profile employs the Ipsative method for determining behavioral awareness: measuring yourself against yourself: using yourself as the norm against which to measure something, e.g. your present performance against your past performance rather than the performance of others). We are confident that your experience will help you discover just how you are ?hardwired?. Not good, not bad?just you and your personal ?wiring.