Very often in the life of a small company individual and professional growth becomes the differentiator. With the MyHardWiredtm assessment tool, a company can begin a dynamic program of relational and interpersonal advancement. First, each key individual will understand his/her 3-dimensional behavioral profile. Realizing one’s strength is in the preferred style sets the stage within the company to ensure each individual is in “the right seat” in the company. Expectation, the second style, describes expected interaction between individuals and communication style. Finally, the most significant result in the third dimension is how an individual reacts when under pressure, during change and the motivational needs necessary to be met by teammates, family, friends and bosses. This is the perfect analytical tool when “relationships matter”!

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  • Personal profile useful for individual self understanding
  • Suitable for considering best fit for job and job performance
  • Identifies blind-spots for either individual improvement or team back-up

  • Dynamic analysis created automatically online for quick review
  • Predicts the actual culture of a specific team
  • Allows each leader to understand dynamics of the team


  • One-on-one effective communications
  • Helps an individual adjust reaction to another’s approach
  • Reveals expectation of one’s supervisor / manager