Carving out individual behavior and team dynamics within a larger organization usually requires capturing team dynamics at the department level. In typical organizations, leadership occurs in silos and the characteristics of the leader are often reflected in the team. MyHardWired™ will enable both leaders and teams to discover the individual behaviors for a more integrated team dynamic. Then, when realization that the organization actually operates horizontally, a matrix model, the results of the MyHardWired™ assessment will create a significant synergy within the larger organizations. For best results, ensure all key players throughout the mid-sized businesses have been profiled and the results promulgated through workshops, individual discovery and team dynamics.

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  • Know your team
  • Take advantage of individual strengths
  • Make assignments based upon preferred team styles

  • Spread the wealth
  • Grow through individual contribution
  • Set specific department objectives based upon the team culture (Instinctive)


  • Operate horizontally
  • Ensure all teams adequately assessed
  • Reflect teams versus organizational function requirements